Pros and cons of the "Crown" pot for an orchid. How to choose a planter for an "aristocratic" flower?

Most orchid species require special conditions to grow. There are many different containers for these plants on the market and it is necessary to get acquainted with each species.

In this article, we will focus on a fundamentally new design, little known to anyone. This is the Korona pot, specially designed for epiphytes. Find out what the planter looks like and if it is suitable for growing an orchid.

What is this pots?

"Crown" is a product intended for planting epiphytic plants. The kit includes a plastic tray and a pot, which consists of a bottom and thin acrylic rods located along the perimeter, between which there are gaps.

You can plant an orchid directly in a pot or use it as a planter. On sale there is a large selection of colors and sizes "Crown".

Features of the

This pot best meets the needs of epiphytes., bringing their content closer to natural habitat conditions. Its main feature is to ensure sufficient ventilation of the plant root system. Excess water accumulates in the pan and evaporates to maintain the required level of air humidity.

When using the "Crown" pot, it is necessary to carefully monitor the moisture content of the substrate. The plant needs more frequent watering.

Why this option is good and bad: pros and cons

Positive and negative characteristics of the "Crown" are associated with its construction.


  • Designed specifically for orchids, the pot is less likely to rot and mold.
  • A wide range of sizes allows you to choose the best option for each plant, taking into account the degree of development of its root system.
  • The planter has a spectacular appearance, and a wide variety of colors allows you to fit it into any interior.
  • The product is safe for humans and plants, since it does not emit toxic substances.


  • At low air humidity, there is a risk of dry roots.
  • The lack of condensation does not make it possible to understand whether there is a need for watering.
  • When transplanting, problems are possible: the roots twine around the rods and during the extraction the plants can be injured.
  • You need to get used to the new design.
  • Due to its light weight, the pot can be accidentally dropped.
  • Brittle rods can break.

For which species is it suitable?

"Crown" is intended exclusively for epiphytic orchid species:

  • Phalaenopsis.
  • Wanda.
  • Dendrobium.
  • Cattleya.
  • Cymbidium.

Step by step instructions on how to choose

  1. Determine the size... You should focus on the volume of the root system. Your capacity must meet a number of criteria:
    • when transplanting, we take a new pot 10% more than the previous one;
    • the distance between the edges of the container and the roots is 1–1.5 cm;
    • the height of the pot is approximately equal to the height of the orchid;
    • the distance between the rods should be less than the diameter of the root;
    • when using as a planter, make sure the plant pot fits in there.
  2. Choosing a color, which will complement the interior of the room in the best way.

Orchids grow rather slowly, so you need to choose the capacity that corresponds to the size of the plant at the time of transplantation.

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the price as of December 2019 is 300-450 rubles.

You can buy such a pot in flower shops. or order on the seller's website. Delivery to the regions by Russian post is provided. In the latter case, the purchase price will be slightly higher.

The consequences of a wrong choice and how to avoid them?

  • When choosing a small volume, the roots will receive less air and moisture. This causes damage to the leaves and impaired flowering.
  • Too large a pot is bad because the substrate in it is often waterlogged. This leads to root rot and can kill the plant.

To avoid these troubles, choose the right pot size.... With the advent of the Korona pots on the market, caring for orchids has become much easier: you just need to water the plant on time. Now even beginner growers can enjoy these noble flowers without any problems.

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