Growing spices at home. After how many days does basil rise and under what conditions?

Growing spices at home. After how many days does basil rise and under what conditions?

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Basil is a very useful and unpretentious plant to grow. But it happens that the culture often makes you nervous after sowing: a capricious plant does not always emerge on time or does not emerge at all.

In order not to worry ahead of time, the gardener must be prepared for the plant to emerge no faster than in a week, and requires adherence to the rules of planting and care.

This article describes in detail the process of emergence of basil and describes the conditions for successfully growing a plant at home.

How many days does it take to grow outdoors?

If the soil is correctly selected, the temperature regime is observed, a sunny place for planting is chosen, then the first shoots should "hatch" in 7-10 days... This is the minimum period: more often the plant appears on the 10-12th day.

How and when to plant basil seedlings outdoors is described here.

How long to wait for the first shoots to appear and what does it depend on?

The timing of the emergence of the first shoots depends primarily on the time and place of planting, as well as on the variety.

From time

After 5-7 days, it is worth waiting for the first shoots, if the soil has already warmed up, the temperature outside is 20-25 ºС, frosts are not expected. Usually this is the end of May - beginning of June.

If the soil is cold, then the seeds may either grow late or not at all (low temperatures will destroy the plant). The maximum waiting time for seedlings is three weeks.

From the place

Basil loves sunny places with moist soil without over-watering... If the basil has enough sun (at least 3 hours a day), then the first shoots will appear in 5-7 days. If basil is planted in the shade, then the seed germination period will be postponed by a couple of days or a week, depending on the amount of sun. If it is cool in the shade, then the seeds may not sprout at all. Hard ground or abundant watering will also destroy the sprouts and prevent the basil from rising (see tips for growing seedlings here).

From the variety

On average, most basil varieties emerge in 5-10 days. There are some exceptions. Basil "Lemon" rises very quickly: although the timing of the appearance of the first sprouts is the same as for the others (5-10 days), but, according to gardeners, the first sprouts appear already on the 5th day. The "Dark Opal", "Mrs. Burns Lemon" and "Thai" basil sprout the longest: from 7 to 14 days.

A photo

The photo below shows the sprouts of basil some time after planting:

How to get the harvest quickly after sowing?

Seed treatment before planting

There are several ways to prepare seeds for planting. This will speed up the appearance of the first shoots.

  1. Seeds are kept warm before planting. (for example, on a battery or in a sunny place). Warm seeds are not soaked in anything, the seeds are warmed up to a temperature of about 40 ºС.
  2. Seeds are soaked in hot water before planting.... The etheric shell of the seeds is destroyed, which "inhibits" the emergence of seedlings. You can sow in half an hour or an hour, or you can leave it for another three days and wait for the seeds to germinate.
  3. Before planting, the seeds are spread on gauze soaked in a growth stimulant... The name of the liquid speaks for itself - seed growth should accelerate.

We apply fertilizer: what, when and in what quantities?

You can speed up the sprouting time by adding one of the proposed fertilizers to the soil:

  • Half a teaspoon of potassium sulfate, potassium chloride and urea per five liters of water. Spill the soil with this solution before planting the seeds.
  • Half a teaspoon of superphosphate, potassium sulfate and urea for 5 liters of water. Spill the soil with the solution before planting the seeds.

We take care of it properly

When the seeds have already been planted, the following care must be provided:

  1. Loosen the soil and remove weeds in time.
  2. Sprinkle with water at room temperature daily.

The option with rare watering, accelerates the emergence of seedlings: sow seeds into the loosened moist soil, do not sprinkle it with earth, but only close it with a film on top. It is necessary to monitor soil moisture and notice the first shoots in time (if the film is not removed in time, the sprout will "burn").

How to get basil seedlings yourself is described here.

Is the time different when cultivating at home?

When growing at home, it is easier to create suitable conditions (soil and room temperature, soil moisture control through drainage, greenhouse effect due to a film stretched from above), therefore, with proper care, the time for the first shoots to appear is usually 5-8 days.

Gardeners who really want to start basil in their backyard can master the seedling growing method, which makes it more likely to successfully implement their plans. And how to dive sprouts, we told in other materials.

Why are there no shoots and what to do in this case?

  1. Perhaps it's too early? The first shoots appear on the 7-10th day. But basically, basil will start to appear on the 10-12th day. The maximum waiting time for seedlings is three weeks after sowing. If the sprouts do not appear later, it is worth sowing the basil again.
  2. Expired seeds... The shelf life of seeds affects primarily the germination. Good basil seeds have an average shelf life of 3-4 years. If the seeds were originally of poor quality, then the shelf life is reduced. Expired seeds can be checked in advance for germination.
  3. Improper care or no care at all... Improper care or lack of care reduces the germination of basil by up to 30%. In addition, improper post-sowing care can destroy the plant. Hard soil, too wet soil, or lack of watering are the main causes of plant death.
  4. Wrong ground... One of the main reasons for late germination. Firm soil prevents sprouts from breaking through and destroys the basil. Light loosened soil, enriched with humus, peat, compost, will ensure seed growth within 7-10 days.

    If the seeds are already planted in poor soil, then it makes sense to fertilize the soil after planting and do not forget to loosen the soil. Seeds should be planted no more than 1 cm deep.

Perhaps the most difficult thing for a gardener is to wait for the first shoots. Otherwise, caring for basil is no more difficult than for most plants. The main thing is to plant the basil correctly: choose the right variety, time and place of planting and take care of it after sowing.

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