Request for advice.

Question: advice request.

Good evening, I would like some advice to create a garden under pine trees and a huge Lebanese fir tree in an area of ​​230 square meters. What can I do ???????

Answer: request for advice.

Dear Reader,
the shaded gardens below evergreen conifers are always a problem, because the crown of the trees prevents direct insolation throughout the year, and also because the shadow beneath the conifers is dry, and not damp as most plants that like to grow in the shade would like.
So it is advisable to plant not too large shrubs, which love the shade, and which should be watered regularly in the summer months, when the soil is very dry.
Usually bulbous plants are planted, and the typical shadow plants, such as hosta, astilbe, peonies, pachysandra, ophiopogon; you can then decide to enrich the garden with shrubs such as viburnum or acidophilic plants, but much depends on the amount of light that can filter through the plants. To increase the brightness, the low branches of the conifers are generally removed, and therefore it is possible to try to position some camellia, some holly with variegated foliage, or some other medium to large shrub, always remembering the water requirements. Surely the next step consists in a nice drip watering system, so as not to have to worry too much about water, especially in the height of summer. Periodically it is good to remove the pine needles from the ground, because they are rich in tannins, which do not favor the development of plants, especially for what concerns perennials.