Insect control products: how to get rid of wood lice in an apartment on your own?

Insect control products: how to get rid of wood lice in an apartment on your own?

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You may have seen this rather disturbing and unpleasant-looking insect called woodlice in your apartment. Although it carries out a secretive dark lifestyle, you had the opportunity to simply not meet with it.

Why do they appear in the bathroom and toilet? Are they dangerous to humans? Read on and you will find out if you need to contact the appropriate services or you can fight these insects with home remedies yourself. What difficulties may arise in this case. And also, what preventive measures should be taken so that these arthropods do not reappear.

What is this insect?

Woodlice are insects that belong to the suborder of crustaceans, have a rounded body, divided into sections (for more information about what type, class and order the wood lice belong to, read this article). It includes the head, chest, and abdomen. Insects arise during the year and are considered the most intense in spring and autumn, reproduction takes place in the summer period, while it is curious that the female carries her eggs in a bag, on her own body, until she finds a place to transfer them from predators.

On a note. Of all the representatives, this is a unique insect, which are best adapted to land, however, despite this, they also breathe with gills in the same way.

You can find out more about what woodlice look like, what types of this insect are, here.

Causes of occurrence

Basically, in an apartment, woodlice occurs in places where it is humid: under tiles, in basements, a bathroom, even under stones, in showers, as well as toilets and cracks. The duration of their existence is 2-3 years. The insect feeds mainly on decaying plants (very rarely fresh), in some cases it can harm the garden, ferns, orchids, certain types of cacti suffer more, but their work also contributes to the enrichment of the soil, supplying it with high-calorie elements.

Catching an insect is not so difficult, it is quite simple to block its path as it stops. Their protective reaction is that insects curl up into a ball, "shell" outward, as if pretending to be dead.

The reasons for the occurrence of wood lice: in 100 percent of cases it is humidity, since this is an impeccable habitat, and in comfortable conditions they rapidly increase and multiply, for example wood lice in the bathroom come across very often. Of the 160 registered types of woodlice (and in general there are about three thousand), only a few can tolerate dry air.

Woodlice live in inaccessible areas under the floor, wallpaper, tiles. The insects themselves can emerge from dark corners, crevices, when storing wet towels or things. If neighbors are flooded or pipes are leaking, there is a significant possibility that you will identify these insects in your apartment.

For the appearance of woodlice, special atmospheric conditions are needed, but these outbreaks of their invasions do not last long. Woodlice do not prefer light and lead an intense lifestyle at night.

Fight on your own or call specialists?

In the fight against pests, not all means are excellent, without exception - some are completely in vain. For example, in the country, an independent fight against them leads only to a fleeting improvement of the situation. Even if numerous crustaceans fall into traps or under the attack of an insecticide, there are enough of them in the corners to continue to actively worsen your life.

It is important to approach the solution of the problem collectively. Only high-quality exterminators specifically understand how and how to poison wood lice so that they disappear forever.

We get rid of different means

We will tell you how to remove insects at home.


Currently, in the assortment, it is possible to find special means directed not only against wood lice, but also other household pests. More popular: "Dichlorvos", "Tetrix", "Mole", etc. In addition to those mentioned, the gel of the German manufacturer Schabengel can be of great help. In fact, it is considered a poisonous bait for crustaceans. Multifunctional, used for almost all parasites.

Important! Remember that the direct use of such substances is quite unsafe, for this reason, you should carefully follow the instructions and take all measures so that children and animals can be safely indoors.

Be sure to ventilate the apartment and wash the treated surfaces after a specified time.

How else can you breed unpleasant crustaceans?


How else can you kill wood lice? Popular methods are no less effective., they are primarily the cheapest, while not dangerous. The destruction of insects with the help of folk remedies is also possible quickly, like the use of poisons.

Consider the main methods of how to get rid of wood lice using folk methods:

  • Liquid composition from kvass, boiling water - in a ratio of 100 grams per half liter, sprayed around the room. After a day, it is already possible to wash off.
  • Boric acid - the composition is prepared in the same proportion as kvass, the method of use is similar.
  • Bleach - diluted with water in a ratio of 40 grams per liter of water, the substance must be treated with all floors and walls.
  • You will need a mixture of half a teaspoon of pepper, soda, tobacco - dilute in a liter of water, after which cultivate the main places of accumulation of wood lice, and after a while it is necessary to wash off with water and chlorine.
  • Salt - crumbles in corners, crevices.
  • Birch brooms - put in the corners for the whole night, for wood lice their action is like a trap, in the morning brooms with insects must be thrown away.
  • Potatoes - a shared hole is made in this vegetable, the finished trap must be laid out in a place where insects accumulate. During the night, a large number of individuals are taken into the potatoes, in the morning the trap is thrown out.
  • Lime - a very effective way if there is a difficulty in how to get rid of wood lice in the apartment. The quicklime bleach is placed in a bucket, the manufactured container is extinguished with water. After the performed manipulations, it is necessary to close the door closely and not enter the room for several days.

On a note. Any of the methods negatively affects the habitat of insects, for this reason, most likely, they will definitely leave the occupied zone.

Nevertheless, if the reason why woodlice live in a given area is not promptly eliminated, in this case it is necessary to be trimmed for a new invasion of small uninvited neighbors.

Now you know how to kill nasty insects.

A photo

In the photo you can see how to deal with insects in your home.

What is not recommended?

Chemical solutions are not recommended for use at home. This is a huge risk for the child and pets, which can be poisoned. When using them, you must be very careful. In order to protect yourself, it is better to beware of the use of chemicals.

Problems and difficulties

You probably understand that the use of chemicals can be unsafe to health. For this reason, it must be handled very carefully. Of course, after chemistry has done its own thing, it must be well swept away.

Important! If there are children, pets or allergies in the house, during the processing period they must be moved from the apartment to another place.

When working with chemicals, use gloves and a mask. Leave the windows open. As well as chlorine, quicklime has a great influence on insects.


Woodlice are known to prefer water. For to prevent the secondary appearance of insects, you should monitor the degree of moisture in the house... Helpful hints:

  1. After hydrophyte surgeries, constantly ventilate the bathroom or leave it open.
  2. Wipe dry the surfaces in the room once a day.
  3. Carry out meticulous cleaning in the bathroom, paying special attention to the areas under the bathroom, toilet bowl, sink.
  4. In the presence of domestic plants, observe that there is no accumulation of excess water in the trays.
  5. Take out the garbage every day.
  6. It is better to dry linen on the balcony or outside, but not in the bathroom.
  7. Timely eliminate leaks, seal cracks and cracks in the walls.
  8. Install an extractor hood in the bathroom.

What if you appear again?

Even if you cope with insects, but do not remove the root cause of their appearance, they will soon visit you again. In order to completely get rid of these crustaceans, it is necessary to regularly keep the apartment clean, often ventilate the room, and avoid the appearance of damp floors and walls.

Without moisture, insects will disappear. For this reason, dry the room thoroughly, make sure that the pipes do not get damp, do not leak.

Watch a video on the topic:

Woodlice are the ancestors of crustaceans that developed in the aquatic environment, and then moved to land. Certain species have adapted to different habitats, thanks to which they can survive in any conditions. On our site you will find useful information about the most common varieties of wood lice, including white.


As you can see, the measures that need to be taken are not particularly difficult, but they will productively reduce to a minimum amount all, without exception, the possibility of unwanted insects in the house. As a result, if you follow all the required rules, it is possible to be fully convinced that your living space will be protected from such an unpleasant problem as the invasion of wood lice. Now you know how to get rid of these insects once and for all.

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