Riviera potatoes: excellent taste and long-term storage

Riviera potatoes: excellent taste and long-term storage

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This ultra-early Dutch potato variety is very popular among farmers and gardeners. No wonder, because it has a lot of valuable qualities and characteristics.

Very early ripening, drought resistance and resistance to mechanical damage, as well as good taste, and in general, high consumer qualities - all this is about him.

In this article, we will tell you in detail what the very early Riviera potatoes are, what features they have and in which regions they can be successfully grown.

Description of the variety

Variety nameRiviera
general characteristicsvery early, resistant to drought and mechanical damage
Ripening period40-80 days
Starch content12-16%
Mass of marketable tubers100-180 gr
The number of tubers in the bush8-12
Yieldup to 450 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, after cooking crumbly pulp
Keeping quality94%
Peel colorlight yellow
Pulp colorcream
Preferred growing regionsCentral
Disease resistancesensitive to scab, late harvest may be affected by late blight
Growing featuresit is recommended to germinate and plant in warm soil, fertilizing with nitrogen-containing fertilizers, loosening the soil; watering only in drought, the bushes do not bloom, planting large tubers increases the yield by more than half
OriginatorAgrico (Netherlands)


Riviera is an early maturing table potato originating in the Netherlands that is successfully cultivated in temperate climates. This variety is grown mainly in Moldova, Ukraine and on the territory of Russia. How to grow early potatoes correctly and which countries are growing this vegetable, read in separate articles on our website.

Riviera has the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Early maturity. The tubers acquire the marketable mass already on the 40th day after shoots sprouting.
  • Productivity. The variety has a high and stable yield.... On day 35, the yield reaches 28 tons per hectare of land, and at the end of the growing season 45 tons per hectare.
  • Drought resistance. The Riviera potato variety gives an excellent harvest even in the driest periods. Due to its early maturity (early ripening period), potatoes have time to accumulate crops before the onset of the sultry period. In addition, the powerful root system independently provides the entire bush with moisture. This makes it possible to grow the Riviera in hot regions.
  • Soil requirements. The most suitable soil for this type is a soil of light texture.
  • Application. Suitable for both young consumption and long-term storage.
  • Taste qualities. When evaluated on a five-point scale, palatability reaches 4.8.
  • Resistant to damage. The variety is insensitive to mechanical damage - during harvesting, 87-92% of tubers retain their integrity.
  • Disease resistance. Riviera is moderately resistant to cancer, viral potato infections, potato nematode. Sensitive to scab, with late harvest, prone to late blight of tubers and leaves.
  • Storage. The keeping quality of tubers of this variety is quite high, especially when harvesting in the late period..

Appearance characteristics:

  • The plant is tall (75-85 cm), erect.
  • The stems are strong, the root system is powerful.
  • The leaves are dark green, large, wavy along the edge.
  • One bush gives about 10-12 tubers.
  • The plant does not bloom (does not have time), but if flowering occurs, then you can see corollas of a red-violet hue.

You can compare the yield and mass of Riviera potatoes with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameProductivity (kg / ha)Marketable weight of tubers (g)
Lileyaup to 670100-200
Pretty boy169-201 (maximum - 280)90-165
Palmup to 450180-250
Jellyup to 55085-135
Red Fantasy260-38090-140
Lord of the open spacesup to 70080-120
Purple Haze180-310 (maximum 490)90-160

A photo

Growing features

The cultivation technique is standard. Before planting potatoes of this variety, it is necessary to prepare the seed.

There are two ways to do this.:

  1. Place the potatoes in a warm, well-lit room for 5-15 days, at a temperature of + 12 ... + 15 degrees.
  2. A more perfect method is to increase the germination period by 30 to 60 days.

    This promotes better sprouting with root buds. During this time, the seed potatoes must be turned over several times so that the light hits it evenly.

It is best to plant potatoes in those areas that warm up best and dry out earlier from the water and get rid of the snow cover. The place where the Riviera potatoes will be sown must be protected from the cold.

Pre-germination of tubers allows you to get the earliest shoots. For sowing, potatoes should be selected without damage and frostbite.

Important: for earlier shoots it is necessary to select round-shaped potatoes with a weight of 30-70 g. Large seed potatoes can reduce the yield by up to 60%!

It is recommended to plant Riviera potatoes according to the 35x90 scheme, that is, the distance between the holes should be 35 cm, and between the rows 90 cm.

The seed should be spread sprouts upwards to a depth less than for other varieties (5-6 cm).

A very important characteristic for potatoes is its keeping quality. In the table below, you can compare this indicator for different varieties:

Variety nameKeeping quality
Queen anne92%


The Riviera, like all early potato varieties, requires several mineral dressings. It is advisable to use fertilizers in liquid form, which easily penetrate into the root system of the plant.... You can use dolomite flour, which must be applied in a proportion of 50 g / m2.

About how and when to feed potatoes, how to do it correctly when planting, read the special materials of the site.


Like all potato varieties, the Riviera needs to loosen the soil. It is necessary to carry out the procedure to get rid of weeds and loosen the upper layer, which is covered with a crust after rains and interferes with the oxygen supply of the soil.

Loosening is carried out in a week and a half after planting, then one more week after the first procedure and the final loosening is carried out after the first shoots. You can also use such an agricultural technique as mulching. Riviera potatoes can be watered occasionally, subject to drought.... If the weather is due to precipitation, additional watering is not required.

Growing potatoes involves a variety of different methods. We have prepared for you a series of materials on Dutch technology, as well as growing under straw, in bags or barrels.

Also useful will be information on storing potatoes, what conditions are required for successful winter storage, what are the terms and how to properly store potatoes in boxes.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the varieties of potatoes that have different ripening periods:

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