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Aloe Leaves bent

Aloe Leaves bent

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Question: Aloe Leaves bent

Thank you very much for the solution proposed to me, lately the leaves of the plant show "bottlenecks", as if the gelatinous substance inside was drying out (in fact the quantity is actually diminished).
The leaves consequently bend. Should I cut them at the bending point?
In this period I water it about once a week, since I keep it outside and the temperatures have risen.
kind regards

Answer: Aloe Leaves bent

Very kind Ileana,
Thank you for contacting us for information on the Aloe.
Aloe is a plant that requires little water. The frequency must be increased proportionally up to 1 irrigation per week during the summer period. The important thing is that the soil is "dry" before the next irrigation.
For the pruning of the leaves affected by choking, it is believed at the moment of waiting and not performing the operation also because it would be highly unsightly. In a second moment, if the situation worsens, one could think of cutting the leaf at the level of the insertion in the stem with a sharpened and disinfected small knife.