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Question: cycas

I thank you in advance for your reply.
The problem is given by 6 plants of cicas, small actually have from 5 to 7
years, and punctually every year, the leaves of some seedlings are
they fill with yellow dots, on the other hand they turn yellow and therefore
I have to cut them. I tried to change the sun exposure, soil, to
fertilize them with iron. All useless, I ask you how to solve given that there
I care a lot about plants. Thanks for everything Salvatore

Cycas: Answer: cycas

Dear Salvatore,
Thank you for contacting us regarding your Cycas problem.
The Cycas belongs to the Cycadean family and is considered as
living fossils for their belonging to one of the primordial genera of
plants that have appeared on earth since the Carboniferous era.
Leaf yellowing in Cycas is caused by various factors
attributable to environmental and pathological as well as nutritional aspects. In
its case we assume the following causes:
· Fungi that are associated with symptomatic manifestations of leaf spots
yellow there are various agents of the type Colletotricum, Pestalozzia, Alternaria
To solve the problem, we recommend regular treatments with products
broad spectrum of action and it is also advisable to remove the leaves
seriously damaged.
· Cochineal. Among the various species of this insect that attack the Cycas
there are some that occur at the adult or larval stage such as
yellow or yellow-orange fixed dots of 0.5-3 mm
(variable according to species and stage of development). Mealybugs
sucking the sap of the plant to cause their total decay
, in the adult form they are not very mobile and characterized by a "shield"
protective waxy under which the insect lives protected. Deficiencies
nutritional caused by manganese: The plant is very sensitive to deficiency
of this element that is manifested by a progressive yellowing that occurs
concludes with the drying out of the shoot.
Depending on the manifestations (presence of scale insects or skunk or
absence of extraneous elements, it is possible to understand which cause is the most appropriate
to his situation.