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Question: Buondi control units, for irrigation control units, in order to protect them from freezing, is it sufficient to remove the battery block? and cover the rest with insulating material. My control units (6) are on the balcony but under the roof Thanks, have a nice day. CLABER 91006 CLABER 3/4 "socket-nut replacement ring for DUPLO PLUS AQUAUNO CONTROL UNITS Price
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Arnica gel

Arnica gel Certainly its splendid bright yellow flowers, its good smell and its characteristic "disheveled" petals have attracted your attention if you happened to see them. We are talking about the arnica plant, a perennial medicinal herb belonging to the Asteraceae (Composite) family, whose erect and fairly robust stem is between twenty and sixty centimeters in height.
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Hydrangea Macrophylla

Libelle Height: rarely exceeds 150 cm Leaf: elliptical, wrinkled, margin slightly serrated Flowering: from June, continuous and abundant until the first cold Inflorescence: lacecap, fertile blue-violet and sterile white flowers, composed of four or five marginal sepals smooth Hydrangea macrophylla with thick foliage and a beautiful intense green, re-flowering and vigorous.
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Features of growing mint and lemon balm together at home and in the garden. Is it possible to plant nearby and where is it better?

Many gardeners are wondering: will mint and lemon balm adversely affect each other, if they are planted next to each other, is it possible to grow these plants together? Undoubtedly, because peppermint, like lemon balm (lemon mint), belong to the same family - the Lipo family. It is worth dispelling the myth about their harmful effect on each other when planted together.
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Fruit and Vegetables

Resin on tree plums

Question: resin on tree plums I have a black plum tree in the garden totally filled with resin. What should I do to prevent it from dying? Or that above all it doesn't give me more fruits? Thanks! Flortis Plantcube - Aloe Vera Price
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